Almost everyone in real estate talks about the importance of building a referral-based business, but less than 4% of agents actually do.  An enormous number of referrals exist within our reach, but how do we go about securing them?  It all begins with a shift in our mindset, perhaps our greatest challenge.  By shifting our focus from referrals/transactions to relationships and how we can help others, the floodgates will open to more referral business than we can possibly handle.  Real estate today should be all about the consumer, not the agent.  It’s not about the quantity of people in our database, but the quality of the connection/relationship and how we are maintaining a meaningful connection.

Building Your Referral Only Business

Agents will learn how to:

Implement a rejection-free system to increase their referral base

Identify and generate relocation referrals from out-of-town agents

Develop strategies and dialogues for enhancing, sorting and prioritizing their database
of local and regional referral clients

Identify the expectations of the “new consumer”

Utilize the power associated with occupying the position of town ambassador both
online and offline

Unlock the secrets to obtaining vendor and local business referrals

Develop a specific delivery system designed to generate an ongoing, successful repeat and referral business

Format Alternatives:  90 min, ½ day