A Proven Business System

This course demonstrates those things that successful agents do differently from the average agent.  It gives specific strategies and marketing systems to move your business to the next stage of success, both professionally and financially. Attendees will learn how to organize their real estate career like a business, how to leverage their market statistics, how to plan for retirement and how to implement marketing to make these things happen.  Agents of all experience levels will benefit in discovering how to take their business to the next stage of success.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the differences in treating a real estate career like a business versus acting like an employee, in order to take control of the business decisions, treat all customers and clients consistently, and produce a consistent profit
  • Determine goals for their business for three, five and fifteen years from the date of the course to develop specific strategic plans that will lead to business success
  • Realize the importance of understanding local and regional real estate market statistics and their personal statistics in order to better establish goals and develop sales strategies
  • List the five stages and barriers of business growth to gain the ability to transition business at the appropriate time
  • Establish a personal, business and marketing budget to guide the real estate business spending plan
  • Recognize the retirement needs of a real estate agent in order to have enough savings
  • Draft a complete marketing plan to properly promote the business for consistent and calculated growth