In this course, we’ll explore the luxury market by first examining a brief survey of what the luxury market is and why it seems and feels so different from other market segments.  For example, why does entry into the luxury market seem so daunting to so many agents?  Secondly, we’ll explore the seven steps experts in the luxury market define as critical for entering and succeeding in this segment of the real estate industry.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Create a 7-step plan to break into the luxury real estate market in their own business
  • Identify 5 critical areas of expertise necessary to serve the luxury client as their real estate market expert
  • Implement 6 steps for acquiring a luxury listing
  • Create 3-5 luxury real estate unique selling propositions [USPs]
  • Develop “wrap” stories for each USP
  • Use a 7-step process to accurately price luxury real estate
  • Create a one-year marketing plan for your luxury estate business
  • Apply effective negotiating techniques to level the playing field in high-value negotiations.
  • Develop four weeks of business activities for breaking into the luxury real estate market.