In the past, the top agents and companies where the ones who were the experts in marketing. In the
future, the top earners will be the ones who are the experts on the market. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
The media is infatuated with the housing market , but their coverage deals primarily with what has
already happened. To spice up their coverage, real estate pundits love to predict what the market will
do in the next year or two, but they say little about what buyers and sellers should do today. This poses
a great opportunity for agents to gain a unique advantage over their competition by answering the
number one question on the minds of buyers and sellers today, “What should I do now?” This session
will give brokers, managers, and agents the tools and the understanding to interpret market data, so
they will be able to answer that question.

Using Tech Lead Generation and Conversation to Grow Your Bottom Line
Create multi funnels of buyer and seller leads by utilizing technologies, such as:
✔ Lead capture systems and stealth marketing
✔ Automated email home searches
✔ Tweaking and fine-tuning your real estate website to increase client connection rate
✔ Drip systems
✔ Tag-based listings to grown your website page views
✔ Video emails to build loyalty