Sponsors: Let us help you get more students in class than ever before!

Gee Dunsten’s Sponsor Marketing Campaign

✔ Customized Video Clips from Gee for posting to sponsor’s website
✔ Flyers, such as “Top Reasons to Take the Class” for
distribution at sales meetings, etc.
✔ Free 15‐min.Webinar, hosted by Gee showcasing one great idea from each section of the class designed to peak interest and encourage registration
✔ Live Skype Conference Call from Gee during sponsor’s sales meeting or event, directed to a targeted audience to promote the course
✔ Personal Calls from Gee to invite top sales managers/brokers to attend the class, share benefits to their agents for attending & answer questions
✔ Written Articles by Gee for placement in sponsor’s newsletters on their website
✔ Mini Powerpoint Slide Presentation made available to sponsor
✔ Posting of Class Information by Gee on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
✔ List of Marketing Ideas, such as 3‐part payment plan for agents, raffle for a free registration, Bring-a-Buddy and both save 10%, etc.
✔ Dropbox invitation sent out to all attendees after class to share key slides