Summer Safety : How to Make your Pool Safer

Backyard pools can provide hours of endless summer fun for your friends and family.  But as the owner of a swimming pool, it’s your responsibility to keep safety top of mind.  Some sobering statistics are:

  • Drowning is the leading cause of accidental injury death among children ages 1 to 4, with swimming pools being the most common site.
  • A young child can drown in just one inch of water.
  • For every child who dies from unintentional drowning, six more are treated in emergency
  • Infant drownings are the most common.

As temperatures rise this summer, many families will be enjoying their backyard pools.  Below are some helpful hints for making your swimming pool safer.

1.  Install a fence
A safety fence in the No. 1 thing you can do to up the safety of your pool.  Make sure the fence has a locking gate and is high enough that it would be difficult to climb over.  If you have kids, talk to them about not opening the fence without an adult present.

2.  Install a safety cover.
Just like a fence, having a retractable cover that slides over your pool can heighten poolside safety.

3.  Consider a perimeter alarm. 
If you’re worried about your kids or animals falling into the pool when you’re not around, install a perimeter alarm that will sound if something crosses over it.  This is similar to an invisible fence, and can go a long way toward ensuring you know who is hopping in and out of your pool.

4.  Invest in safety equipment.
Even the simplest of safety equipment can be a huge asset in an emergency.  Consider getting a floating life saver with a rope that ties to the edge of the pool and a shepherd’s hook you can extend if someone is in trouble.

5.  Empty kids’ pools after each use.
Store them upside down so they do not collect water.

Here is a link to a helpful poster you may be able to post at your community pool to help parents prevent drowning. Do you know the 5 water survival skills?

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Gee Dunsten